Sea Turtle Nesting Season – May 1st-Oct 31st

It’s that time of year again!  It is so, so important to do your part to help protect these little guys.  Here are some things you should always do, but especially during sea turtle nesting season:

  • Leave no trace!  Only footprints.  More information about our Leave No Trace Ordinances can be found here: Gulf County and Mexico Beach
  • Fill in any holes on the beach prior to leaving for the day.  Holes on the beaches pose a serious threat to both sea turtles and humans alike.
  • If using flash lights on the beaches in the evenings, be sure to use turtle safe flashlights.  You can get stickers that help make your flashlights turtle friendly at our local Welcome Center.
  • If vacationing in one of our gulf front homes, be sure to close the window treatments at night, and turn off deck lights.  Sea Turtles are guided by the brightest light, which is typically moonlight, so they can become disoriented from the artificial lighting.
  • Never try to touch a sea turtle if you come across them on the beaches, and never disturb a nest.
  • Remove all trash, along with beach chairs, tents etc. from the beach upon your departure.

The longevity of these precious animals depends on us, and their existence is so important to our ecosystem.  Do your part.

For more information about Sea Turtles, and to learn how you and your family can help support the Florida Coastal Conservancy, visit the Forgotten Coast Sea Turtle Center at Gorge Core Park – 200 B Miss Zola’s Drive, Port St. Joe, Florida 32457 (Thur 10am-1pm EDT and Fri 1pm-5pm EDT).

For more local resources:

Gulf County Tourist Development Council Welcome Center
Captain Fred’s Place
Port St. Joe, Florida 32456
(850) 229-7800
(800) 482-GULF
[email protected]

Mexico Beach Community Development Council Welcome Center
102 Canal Parkway
Mexico Beach, Florida 32456
(850) 648-8196
(888) 723-2546

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