Hurricane Michael – Oct. 25 Update

I’ve never been more proud to have grown up in this community.  The way that everyone has rallied together during such a difficult time is beautiful.  This is exactly what God has called us to do.

Although Hurricane Michael left catastrophic damages in its wake, great strides have been made toward restoration.  Our community, along with the help of heroes from all over this great country, are working day and night to restore the beauty of this place we call home, and your favorite vacation destination.  Utilities have been restored to much of the area, and local businesses are beginning to operate again.  This is the true definition of resiliency.

Specifically regarding the condition of the properties that we offer, most were virtually untouched by the storm.  Such a blessing.  We did have a few homes that sustained minor damages.  Accordingly, there are a number of items being addressed that should be resolved relatively quickly, making each property ready to accommodate families again in no time at all.  The properties that we offer which are located in Mexico Beach did have more significant damages, but each will be made available to guests in the near future.

We look forward to having you all for a visit again really soon.

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