Hurricane Michael – Oct. 12 Update

As you are likely already aware, our area sustained catastrophic damages as a result of Hurricane Michael.  Local officials and officials from all over the country are working around the clock to clear roadways, conduct search and rescue efforts, and restore utilities.  Communication is extremely limited due to loss of cellular and other communications service.  Accordingly, our office will be closed until further notice.  We will return as soon as our area is safe for re-entry and utilities have been restored.  Once we are able to re-open we will contact you regarding your upcoming reservation.

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of encouraging messages we have received from all of you.  Our guests.  Our family.  We understand that this feels like your home, too.  And, it is.  We are the community that we are, in part, because of all of you.  We know that you share in our heartbreak.  We feel your love so strong.  We will update you all as soon as we’re able.

Please be patient as we recover from this horrific event.

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